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Online user guide

This guide can be used for assistance to log in, join and ask questions when you attend GESB’s Annual Member Meeting.

Before you begin

Ensure your browser is compatible. You can easily check your current browser by going to the website: whatismybrowser.comOpens in new window

Supported browsers are:

  • Chrome – Version 44 and after
  • Firefox – 40.0.2 and after
  • Safari – OS X v10.9 “Mavericks” & OS X v10.10 “Yosemite” and after
  • Internet Explorer 9 and up (please note Internet Explorer 8 is not supported)

The meeting is viewable from desktops, laptops and tablets. To view the meeting and ask questions you must have your member number.

Login and registration

Open your web browser and click hereOpens in new window

Login to the online portal using your full name, mobile number and your email address. You do not have to enter your company name to register.

To proceed further you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box.

Click on the ‘Continue’ button.


Select your ‘Registration Type’ from the dropdown box by choosing ‘Member’.

Enter your Member number and your registered postcode and then click on ‘Register’.


How to ask a question

Note: Only members are eligible to ask questions. If you would like to ask a question, click on the ‘Ask a question’ box either at the top or bottom of the webpage.

The ‘Ask a question’ box will then pop up with two sections for completion.

Select your question category and then click in the ‘Question’ section and type your question.

When you are ready to submit your question – click the ‘Submit Question’ button.

Once you have asked a question a ‘View questions’ box will appear.

At any point you can click on ‘View questions’ and see all the questions you have submitted. Only you can see the questions you have asked.

Note: You can submit your questions by this method prior to or during the meeting.

view questions


If you would like to see additional information relevant to the meeting, you can do so by clicking on the links that are available at the bottom of the Annual Member Meeting web page.